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A Child's Place Early Learning Centers follow the Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies for infants, toddlers, twos, pre-k and kindergarten.

Our goal is to teach children to be creative confident thinkers. The Creative Curriculum® provides a research-based framework for a rich and well-developed learning environment. It is carefully designed to support children’s natural curiosities and interests while providing opportunities for children to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge they need to be successful learners.



Our curriculum meets the standards for Developmentally Appropriate Practices as set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Illinois Early Learning Standards. This curriculum also meets the ExceleRate Illinois requirements set by the state Environmental Rating Scale, which is a tool used to assess and measure the quality of care provided by licensed centers.

A Child’s Place Early Learning Centers participates and is accredited by this State program by following the guidelines it has set forth. It is the intention at A Child’s Place Early Learning Centers to provide an informal atmosphere and child-oriented, developmentally appropriate curriculum where children learn through constructive play and the exploration of their environment. Infants thru school age children, have the opportunity to become independent and successful in this educational environment. They can begin to successfully solve problems, and can learn to express their ideas and feelings. Our activities promote success for the child because they are developed for individual developmental stages, abilities, and interests. Children’s play is the critical component of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The teachers will observe and assess the children’s play on a regular basis. This is an essential tool in planning curriculum, arranging the classroom environment, selecting the activities to be offered, and providing the appropriate materials.

Learning is not imposed on the child, rather, it is what takes place naturally in an environment that offers a choice of activities created with children’s needs in mind. Early childhood curriculum arises from the children’s individual and collective interests, actions, and questions, in their environment. Please see our Curriculum Guide for more information on our research based early childhood curriculum.

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As a DCFS licensed childcare facility, A Child's Place monitors the weather to ensure health and safety of our staff and children. Outdoor play is not allowed when temperatures reach 90+ degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. During the winter months outdoor play is allowed when temperatures are above freezing of 30+ degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor play will be denied when snowfall is of a significant level. Proper attire is required to accommodate all weather conditions.